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Our Mission

To help the community access affordable yet luxury housing, while exploring the option of home buying.

Our Story

We want all our clients financially aware!

Step 1

We (ME and YOU)  will sit down to assess your housing needs as well as your financial fitness. If your not quite ready to purchase a home for credit or financial reason together we will work out a game plan while still looking for temporary plushliving as a rental option until we reach our goal.

Step 2

Once you get into your temporary home you will be assigned a budget and a 6 month to one year plan to get you financially fit for the home buying process. We will work closely together to achieve financial fitness as well as bring you in for various seminars and home buying  classes to help give you a better idea of the process and where you stand.

Step 3

After you become financially fit and your ready for home buying we will work together with one of our preferred mortgage companies to obtain pre-approval. Also walk you through the process of finding the home that fits your needs and your budget. This is when the official house hunt begins.

Finally!! Close The Deal !!!

Lastly.. We look forward to the day when the hard work of you as well as my company has paid off.. 

That is when we have closed the deal and you have purchased your Plush Home with our help.

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